What the thai garment sewer needs is Design and develop a new trend of fashion to call attention the new generation, for adolescent and working age. Also personally, I love to paint and design so I tried to find the shop and find my own customers. Then I found the small shop new Ramkhamhang II University since the Year B.E. 2001

After than, I opened the small booth in Seri Center (Paradise Park Comercial Center at the moment) on Srinakarin Road. I received the good feedback from customers. They bought ready made products and also brought their cloth for tailor. Now I would like to find the new customer in adolescent and working age for thai fabric. So the thai fabric could be used more often, although the cost is high.

When i came to the garment world, I had a chance to be trained about Garment Design Technique and costumes with Professor Chacrit Chaowanarojnaruji, The Director of Taksila Fashion, held by the Product design and development office of Department of Industry Promotion. Although this course is only 5 days but I have gained a lot of knowledge in design. “ I thought that the design is copying and changed a little but I changed my opinion once I passed the course. Now I realize that the design is create the work from my impression for example, when I see the lipstick, flower, I will see how to combine them with each cloth.”


  • Use thai fabric that has the specialty of weaving, its printing from each parts of Thailand. Combine the cloth with easy fabric nowaday. We do not make a mass product but we make 1 design for 1 piece. The client satisfactory is our aim.

Character of product

  • It has strong point to show the product of shirt, trousers, skirt and handbags. We decorate our shop in Thai style combining with today's fashion. We have the reception area to talk with customer at meeting corner in friendly atmosphere. Also we have catalogue and up-to-date magazine for customers including the changing room.